International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand

Swanson Lecture

At the 2004 Delegates’ Council Meeting ( Budapest, Hungary ), it was announced that the Executive Committee had approved recognition for Dr Alfred Swanson henceforth at each conference by the Alfred Swanson Lectureship.

  • Goran Lundborg, Sweden
    “The intelligent hand and the plastic brain”
    2007 Congress - Sydney, Australia

  • Jesse Jupiter, USA
    "Fracture of the distal radius: an historical perspective"
    2010 Congress - Seoul, Korea

  • Wayne Morrison, Australia
    "Milestones in Reconstructive Hand Surgery"
    2013 Congress - Delhi, India

  • James Strickland, USA
    "Moments in Time: Hand Surgery"
    2016 Congress - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Steven Hovius, The Netherlands
    2019 Congress - Berlin, Germany

  • Tim Davis, United Kingdom
    "Current Concepts on Management of Scaphoid Injuries”
    2022 Congress - London, United Kingdom

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