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2022 Elections

2022 Elections: Executive Committee and Nominating Committee members

The revised IFSSH Bylaws (accepted by the Delegates’ Council in 2020) include the expansion of the Executive and Nominating Committees from 2022. The details of this process were described at the Delegates’ Council Meeting.

At the London 2022 Triennial IFSSH Congress, the following will occur:

  • the current President, Dr. Marc Garcia-Elias, automatically moves to Past President;
  • the current President Elect, Dr. Daniel Nagle, automatically moves to President;
  • the current Secretary-General, Dr. Raja Sabapathy, automatically moves to President-Elect;
  • the Secretary-General Elect position, now empty, is removed from the ExCo as per the 2020 Bylaw revisions; and
  • the Historian position is also removed (a Communications Director is established instead).

The Delegates’ Council will then need to elect the following officers at the London 2022 meeting, as per the ExCo composition described in the 2020 Bylaws:

  • the incoming Secretary-General;
  • a Communications Director; and
  • 5 ExCo Members-at Large (regional representation)

In addition, outside of the Executive Committee, but to specifically be a part of the Nominating Committee only:

  • 2 Nominating Committee Members-at-Large

The position description and the election processes for the posts are available HERE. All societies should consider the essential and desirable qualities for the positions when considering nominations.

The application forms for each position will be placed on the IFSSH website by September 1 st, 2021. At this time we invite all societies to start considering their proposals and to contact the secretariat if you have any questions. Applications must be received
by the secretariat ( administration@ifssh.info ) by February 6th, 2022.


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