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Educational Sponsorship

Educational Bursary and Grants

The IFSSH Committee for Educational Sponsorship (CES), along with the Executive Committee, welcomes applications for bursaries and grants and the recently introduced IFSSH Harold Kleinert Visiting Professorship.

The IFSSH is pleased to have recently

  • Sponsored the registrations of 20 surgeons to attend the 2013 triennial IFSSH/IFSHT congress in Delhi;
  • Supported the Eastern European Regional Education Hand Surgery Course in Hungary;
  • Assisted the American Association for Hand Surgery with financial support to teach hand and microsurgery to a Mongolian delegation;
  • Provided funding for IFSHT initiatives, including the registration of therapists at the 2013 IFSSH/IFSHT congress;
  • Enabled a Polish hand surgeon to undertake a travelling fellowship; and
  • Sponsored an Australian/American joint outreach programme of hand and upper limb surgery in Cambodia.

Reports of these projects can be found in the Ezine (www.ifssh.info/ezine)

The CES has simplified the method of application and acceptance, with CES recommended grants being approved directly by the Executive Committee. This will make the process much faster and allow more projects to receive timely funding.

To apply for educational bursaries and grants, please follow the IFSSH Educational Sponsorship Guidelines.

To apply specifically for the IFSSH Harold Kleinert Visiting Professorship please follow the application guidelines: IFSSH Harold Kleinert Visiting Professorship.

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