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To enable IFSSH to have adequate funds to support the international hand community to advance the science, education, research and practice of hand surgery; and to protect the IFSSH during financial down turns

ICHOM Working Group members creating the Hand and Wrist Standard Set of Outcome measures (2018)
Hand Surgery Workshop in Kenya: Don Lalonde teaching wide awake surgery (2020)
Target: US $5,000,000 - To provide grants of $150,000 / year

“This experience has changed the way I approach my surgeries and the way I treat my patients. As a trainee, this had a great impact on me. It made me realize that opportunities will come and there will be people who will help me along the way, like the IFSSH.”

Jane Marie C. Astorga, Philippines
APFSSH Congress, Developing Country / Training Grant (2023)

Why donate

Provide learning opportunities, especially for young surgeons from under-developed countries

  • Regional and international meetings attendance grants
  • Travelling fellowships linked to IFSSH Congresses
  • Surgical Workshops
  • Collaborated grants with other hand surgery organisations
  • Outreach programs
  • Visiting Professorships
  • Research grants
  • Online resources e.g. Hand Surgery Resource, IFSSH Ezine, educational videos
  • Promote hand surgery education to every doctor who has access to the internet - Including basic surgical / hand therapy care, burns, debridement, infections, TB, etc

Examples of previous programs: Click Here

“In our training hospital, we have already began planning to set up a more permanent WALANT room. Most of the attendees have agreed that WALANT is going to be a game changer in the COSECSA region and we are all exciting to see how this innovation can bring patients and surgeons together.”

Imraan Sherman, Kenya (2022)

IFSSH Harold Kleinert Visiting Professorship:
Jin Bo Tang teaching at the Wroclaw microsurgery course (2023)
Upper Limb Surgical Mission to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2014)

“A/Professor Graham Gumley (Australia) led a team of surgeons, hand therapists and administrators to Cambodia in 2014. The focus was to further local surgical training and advance patient care. More than 100 patients were evaluated and 35 operations performed, including complex uncorrected congenital deformities, brachial plexus reconstructions and free tissue transfers following previous failed advanced surgeries. The surgeries offered not only healing and great hope to these desperate patients, but also unique practical experiences to our local surgeons and trainees. The team’s lectures at the medical school were interesting and fulfilled our lack of knowledge.”

Prof Chhoeurn
President of the Cambodian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (2014)

To donate

  • 1. Please complete the attached form (Click here) and return to administration@ifssh.info
  • 2. Please transfer your donation to:
    • Bank: Wells Fargo Bank NA, USA
    • Swift Code: WFBIUS6S
    • Routing No: ABA 121000248
    • Account Name: International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand
    • Account No: 2000057733276
    • Account address: IFSSH, c/- CLP, 333 West Wacker Drive (Suite 810), Chicago, IL 60606 USA

    If you wish to pay by cheque (US dollar only), please contact administration@ifssh.info for further directions.

You may choose to leave a bequeath - a gift in your will / estate.

You may choose to have your name added to the list of contributors, which will be displayed on the IFSSH website, in the IFSSH Ezine and at the 2025 IFSSH congress.

“I was really excited about the fellowship but what I experienced was unbelievable and beyond anything I ever imagined. During my fellowship, with the talks to experts and colleagues, I could hugely expand my knowledge in hand surgery. I was able to meet other fellows from all over the world and establish new, ongoing friendships. I am still completely overwhelmed by the experience. It was simply perfect and amazing. We need to keep the vision of united societies of hand surgery alive.”

Sebastian Leixnering, Austria
2022 Travelling Fellow

Travelling Fellows, IFSSH Triennial Congress, London (2022)
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