International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand


This federation was formed in 1966 for the purpose of coordinating the activities of the various Societies for Surgery of the Hand throughout the world and in this way to increase and spread knowledge of surgery of the hand.

Its chief purposes are

  • to coordinate the activities by maintaining liaison between the various Societies.
  • to promote the free and full exchange of knowledge among the constituent organizations
  • to improve and widen the opportunities for study and observation in the various countries
  • to establish and recommend the adoption of certain standards of nomenclature, classification and standards of evaluation and treatment
  • to disseminate knowledge through publications and scientific meetings and readily-accessible on-line resources to enhance the study and practice of surgery of the hand
  • to improve the education and research in hand surgery at all professional levels
  • to take an interest in the socio-economic impact of disorders of the hand
  • to further the availability of hand surgery throughout the world
  • to further the cooperation between hand surgery and other related professionals
  • to encourage the cooperation of all members to advance the principles and practice of hand surgery of all members throughout the world through organized participation in all areas of specialty
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